Legacy Fuels uses a patent-pending specialized solution, known as Varnish Mitigation, to combat the varnish epidemic caused by today’s innovative lubricants. Our kidney-loop processing technology removes varnish from your circulating oil, strips it from valves and interiors of your equipment, and helps prevent its reoccurrence.

What is varnish?

Varnish is the buildup of oil degradation products that stick to the internals of lubricating and hydraulic oil systems. Due to the ever-increasing requirements on equipment tolerances and efficiencies and the industry’s move to Group II base oils, varnish has become a major issue throughout the industrial world.

Legacy Fuels and Lubricants Petroclean by Reladyne

PetroClean Benefits:

  • Equipment life increased 4-8x
  • Increases MTBF intervals
  • Reduces waste streams
  • Reduces lubricant purchases
  • Increases product output

How can Legacy help?

Legacy uses a patent-pending kidney-loop oil processing technology to remove harmful system varnish from lubrication systems. The process has been uniquely developed to remove lubricating oil varnish and system varnish without interrupting customer production. This proprietary process addresses varnish as a holistic approach to bring long-term varnish solutions to our customers.

No Downtime

Legacy’s fleet of portable Varnish Mitigation units will remove varnish build-up from fluids and systems without requiring downtime. Although applicable to all industries, examples of Varnish Mitigation application include:

  • Plastic injection hydraulics
  • Metal stamping/forging hydraulic systems
  • Combustion turbine lubricating systems
  • Compressor lubrication systems
  • Hydraulic systems