Legacy’s RediFuel services tackle fueling logistics for any application: emergencies, turnarounds, maintenance, construction and backup power systems.

Fuel and fuel-powered equipment drive industrial and commercial productivity. Inefficient or ineffective fueling can risk lives, cost money, delay vital projects and distract from critical logistical demands. Legacy’s RediFuel service is about getting fuel to the right place at the right time safetly, efficiently, cost-effectively and with valuable documentation.

RediClean Benefits:

  • Improves labor and work productivity
  • Enhances safety and reduces risks associated with fueling
  • Eliminates fuel outages
  • Lowers transaction and accounting costs
  • Prevents unauthorized fueling and cross-contamination

Reliable Fueling Services Include:

  • Maintenance fueling
  • Emergency services
  • Turnarounds
  • Generators
  • Fleets
  • Railroad and marine
  • Fuel tank cleaning and maintenance
  • Comprehensive usage reporting

Specialized Equipment for Every Need

  • Computer-equipped fueling vehicles
  • Application-driven fleet sizes:
    • Bobtail tankers for large volume usage
    • Mini bobtail tankers for high maneuverability
    • Fuel mules for tight unreachable spaces

24/7 With Specially Trained Personnel

  • Experts in fueling logistics to tackle constantly changing equipment types and locations
  • Dedicated industrial fueling technicians
  • Strict adherence to usage-based routing