DustBust is a water-based asphalt emulsion used for priming, tacking, and dust control which also conforms to TXDOT Specification-Item 300.2. Our dust suppression product penetrates well into most road base materials and is applied by mixing with water prior to application. With DustBust you can achieve the desired effects of asphalt without using environmentally harmful solvents and chemicals. Unlike many soil stabilizer products, ours is not harmful to employees, and requires no down time during application. You drive on asphalt every day, so your machinery is designed for it. That’s why we designed DustBust to inhibit absolutley no corrosion problems. DustBust H2O as the workhorse to provide a more effective, safe, and affordable long term solution to your dust problems.

DustBust Benefits:

  • Reduces dust on job site
  • Costs less over the long run
  • More effective than running water trucks
  • Your money won’t evaporate

How DustBust works?

How does it work?

You can’t mix oil and water, or can you? DustBust is engineered to allow you to do just that. By using the same science you can find in a bar of soap, DustBust uses a complex mixture of surfactants, lignins, and asphalt to allow an emulsion to be created. Once diluted with water, the emulsion is applied to the treatment area and then the product goes to work. As the emulsified mixture soaks into the road bed the asphalt particles bind themselves to dust particles and begin to agglomerate them into larger & larger particle sizes. The water in the emulsion works as the vehicle to soak the asphalt into the treatment area. The emulsion quickly breaks down, and the water evaporates out of the road bed. You are left with an asphalt bound road aggregate that is free of dust particles and resistant to water. That’s right, once the emulsion breaks down it cannot re-emulsify.

How much will this cost me?

DustBust projects are quoted by the job, or you can purchase the product and apply it yourself. Factors that drive pricing include freight, availability of water, and the size of the treatment area. The best part about DustBust, is the cost only goes down. Maintenance applications require far less product to rejuvenate the product already in the road surface. THE MORE YOU USE IT THE LESS YOU HAVE TO USE. Studies have proven DustBust is more economical than running water trucks and watching your money literally evaporate. And unlike our competitor’s products, our price goes down with continued use.

  • Environmentally friendly way to apply asphalt to road surface
  • Economical solution to dust problems
  • Not harmful to employees
  • Non-Corrosive to machinery and equipment
  • No down time during product application
  • Price drops over time